Social Media Services

Running multiple social media accounts for your business can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start or which platforms suit your services. Outsourcing social media can take a huge weight off your shoulders. It can provide services to boost your brand, increase engagement and give you the best online presence.

How can outsourcing your social media help you?

Social Media Set-Up

There’s no shame in feeling clueless when it comes to social media. Setting up accounts can be hugely time-consuming as there are so many elements to think of. You need to have strong branding on your profile photo and banner. In addition to this, your description should reflect your purpose and services.

Our freelancers on Techlancers can offer social media set-up services to get you started.

Strategy and Audience Research

When it comes to social media, you need to have an idea of what you want to achieve. If you’re heading to social platforms to sell more of your products, you need to have a strategy for showcasing your items or website. If you’re using social media to hire more people or improve your reputation, then you need posts that will make your company look interesting and fun.

You also need to know your audience. It’s best to ask yourself questions such as – which social platform does my audience use, what content would make my audience click, and how can I reach the most people?

It’s okay not to know the answers. Freelancers will dedicate their time to finding them out! Freelancers can create social media marketing strategies for you based on what you want to achieve.

Create Content

Content for social media needs to be short, snappy, and something your audience is going to notice. It’s great to have questions, links and hashtags. Some platforms have character limitations. On spaces such as LinkedIn, you will have longer and more professional content than you would for Twitter.

Most importantly, you need a ‘call to action’. This is when you direct your audience with a ‘command’ such as ‘click here for more information’ or ‘find out more about it here’. Consequently, this directs the reader to a link and sends them to your website where they can see your services.

The freelancers of Techlancer are here to create regular social media content for you. It will be written to the tone and style of the social media platform and appeal to your primary audience. In addition to this, they can help you to sponsor posts which put money behind the content to place it directly in front of your audience in the form of an advert.

Social Media Management

Managing your account is important. Your information must be up to date, and you need to be responding to comments and replies. It’s time-consuming but can pay off if it draws more customers to your site. It can also be used as a method of customer service. Using direct messages, you can respond to your customer’s queries and issues through social media. It also puts your customer service in the public eye, thus showing your dedication to providing an excellent service.

On Techlancer, you can find freelancers that are willing to manage your social media accounts for you. Furthermore, they can help to create analytics and reports which monitor the progress and efficiency of your social strategy. By analysing your engagement, click-through rates and impressions, they can ensure your social media accounts are hitting the mark.