Whether you’ve recently taken the leap into the exciting world of freelancing, or have been a seasoned freelancer for many years, managing your ever-changing workload can be a real challenge. Freelancing is an exhilarating rollercoaster, and it’s true when they say no two days are ever the same. However, while many people believe the life of a freelancer is one of plenty of free time and the flexibility to work when suits you, the reality

How To Win More Business As A Freelancer

Posted by Stephanie on July 4, 2019

Category: Freelance Work
For most freelancers, work can go from all to nothing very quickly. One week you’re working flat out, the next week there’s just tumbleweed in your inbox. So, what can you do to ensure the work and the money continues to roll in? Get yourself noticed Whether it is adding some more micro jobs on Techlancer, updating your website or perhaps sending out a newsletter to your existing client base, you can let everyone know

Three Common Freelancer Misconceptions

Posted by Stephanie on June 17, 2019

Category: Freelance Work
Three Common Freelancer Misconceptions More and more people are choosing to work freelance while turning their back on ‘routine employment’. In fact, the UK has more than two million freelancers, and that number is still increasing. We can attribute the growth in freelancers to the demographics who are choosing flexibility over security, such as Millenials, and those who want to achieve a more empowering work-life balance. Despite its popularity, freelancing does have common misconceptions. So,
Many people are ditching the conventional work landscape and opting to branch out on their own. Lots of online stores have sprung up and established companies are reaching out to the online community with a bid to increase their customer base. This calls for adaptations to the requirements of the online business world. There may be an instant need for a set of skills that you may not have. You have a couple of options:

Three Ways To Plan Work As A Freelancer 

Posted by Stephanie on March 26, 2019

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Do your friends envy your freelance lifestyle? When you tell people that you work from home, most people assume you enjoy long lie-ins, spend mornings eating cake in coffee shops and finish up early afternoon, so you get to have some ‘me-time’. However, how many freelancers actually get the work/life balance right? I suspect most freelancers fail to use their time effectively and maximise productivity during work time.   As a freelancer, particularly if you work from home, it can be tough. Distractions
As a freelancer, you don’t have a fancy title (unless you’ve given yourself one) and you don’t have a salary or boss giving you a pay rise to show what your work is worth. Instead, it is up to you to say; ‘I’m worth it!’ but what if – whisper it – you don’t feel like you actually are worth it? So, despite the skills you possess, the qualifications you hold, the experience earned, the