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An increasing number of businesses are choosing to hire freelancers for their business support services instead of full-time or part-time employees. Business support freelancers often give businesses the chance to be fully flexible and come with many benefits such as saving money, time and resources.

If your small business is in need of some support, then it is worth considering hiring a business support freelancer with Techlancer. They can manage your administrative duties on your behalf. A business support freelancer can give you the freedom to add a few extra hours back into your working day and help you to accomplish your day to day duties quickly and professionally.

What are business support freelancers?

Business support freelancers are professionals that work alongside many small businesses to offer administrative support services. Also referred to as virtual assistants, a business support freelancer will work from home or elsewhere via the internet and provide a vast range of services to support all kinds of businesses.

Unlike hiring an assistant or administrator, a freelancer will work with you, not for you. You will only pay for the time they spend on your tasks, as opposed to having to pay another salary, and you can be flexible with the number of hours they work.

What services to business support freelancers offer?

A business support freelancer can help with a huge range of services for businesses. The list of services available is extensive and often many freelancers will be happy to help with anything you and your business needs. Freelance business support services include:

  • Data entry
  • Calendar management
  • Proofreading
  • Client / customer record management
  • Document creation
  • Travel arrangements
  • Online research
  • Event organisation
  • Quote management
  • Raising purchase orders
  • Chasing late payments
  • Email management
  • Holiday cover.


Why hire business support freelancers on Techlancer?

Business support freelancers can help you and your business in many ways. When you don’t have to worry about the little details and day to day administrative jobs, you will have the time to focus on what really matters.

Hiring a freelancer has many benefits over hiring a business support employee, including only paying for them when they are truly needed, and the ability to be fully flexible with their hours. Many freelancers will work the hours necessary for their clients, so while an employee might only be there nine to five, Monday to Friday, a freelancer could be supporting your business on evenings and weekends.

Business support freelancers are experienced and knowledgeable on how to assist small businesses with their daily tasks and responsibilities, with no training required.

Find your freelance team today by exploring the Techlancer freelancers and their offers below.


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UK Business Support & VA's FAQ

A Virtual Assistant is an online service that provides personal support for business owners. A VA can help with administrative tasks, such as bookkeeping, customer relations management or marketing. The services of VAs are usually provided through the internet but they may also be available in person at local offices.

The main function of a VA is to provide support for the client’s needs. They can be used to handle any number of different duties that would otherwise require hiring additional staff or outsourcing them entirely. The best VAs will have experience working remotely and know how to work effectively without being physically present at their client’s office. A good VA should also be able to communicate well both verbally and through written correspondence.

The ideal virtual assistant will have strong communication skills, excellent organizational abilities, and good attention to detail. A virtual assistant must also be able to multitask effectively and manage multiple projects at once. Finally, it’s important that they understand how technology works and know how to use software programs efficiently.

Tip #1: Decide on what you’re hiring a VA or business support freelancer to do

Before you start looking at VAs, think about exactly what you’d like them to do for you. Do you just want an admin assistant or would you prefer more hands-on support? What skills do you have yourself which could be used by a virtual assistant? Are there any specific things you don’t know how to do because you’ve never had anyone else doing them before?


Tip #2: Find a Virtual Assistant that has experience of your industry

What can business owners outsource. The first thing you should look at when choosing a VA is their level of expertise within your industry or field. If you’re looking for a VA to handle marketing campaigns, then make sure they’ve got some kind of proven track record in this area. Likewise, if you’re looking for a virtual assistant to manage social media accounts, check whether they already have these skills before you start searching for them.

Tip #3: The right Virtual Assistant for you is one who can meet your needs

You should hire a Virtual Assistant who has experience with the types of tasks you want them to complete. Ensuring you can quickly get them established within your business and knowing they’re competent and able to fulfill the tasks to a high standard will make the process much simpler

Tip #4: Do you want Proactive or reactive?

There are two types of Virtual Assistant roles, proactive and reactive. It’s important to decide which type of Virtual Assistant you want to hire. Do you want someone who is going to take an active role in your business and come up with ideas, or do you prefer someone who just completes the tasks you give them?


Tip #5: Get referrals and testimonials

If your freelancer cannot provide any references or isnt willing to, it might be best to look elsewhere. If they are unwilling to give you their contact information, then there may not be much of an opportunity for you to work with this particular virtual assistant.

A good way to find out about your potential VAs is through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll often see people posting reviews on these platforms from clients they’ve worked with in the past.


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