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Design work takes skill. Whether you’re looking for website, posters or leaflet design, you need to have your brand and tone consistently throughout. In addition to this, to achieve high quality and professional work needs advanced design and editing software that is pricey to obtain. Sometimes, getting a freelance designer and outsourcing your design work can save you time and money.

It’s quicker!

Freelance designers will only take as much work as they can handle. Therefore they’re able to turn tight deadlines around if that is what is required. Because they are used to working on lots of different projects, they tend to be experts in being quick and efficient.

One point of contact

Often with inhouse designers or design companies, more than one person is working on your project. Although this may seem like a good thing, it means that you haven’t got just one person to contact. One person introduces more responsibility and accountability – and freelancers have a reputation to uphold.

By using a freelance designer, you will get greater communication between you and your chosen freelancer. Communication reduces the chances of receiving design work created for you that is not what you had in mind.

Connections for quality

Freelancers are fantastic networkers. If you require a service that your freelancer can’t deliver, they can often recommend a contact. For example, design freelancers can create professional and eye-catching posters. However, they might not have the capability for high-quality printing. They are likely to know the best and most cost-effective printers!


By using a freelancer for all your design work, you’re more likely to get consistency. Each designer will have their own skills, flair and style. Consequently, using the same designer will get you the same style throughout all your design work.

Get started with your next design job today by finding a freelance designer on Techlancer.


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