How to hire a freelance copywriter

Content is key. No matter what anyone tells you, it is the most important aspect of your business. You need copy that is well-written, clear, and ranks on search engines so that you tower over the competition and new customers can find you easily.

In the past, you could get by with average content that wasn’t incredible but got the point across. It’s not the same in today’s market, and if you want to show your customers that you’re to be trusted and reputable, your content is going to play a part in that.

That’s where the copywriter comes in, and here’s exactly how you can find one.

Key Skills to Look For

A university education isn’t always the key with copywriters. A lot of the time it’s based on natural talent and experience. Sometimes, deadlines aren’t that important either when you’ve got a copywriter that delivers excellent content. Here are some of the key skills to look for:
Quality and polished writing/editing skills
The ability to create engaging headlines
A flexible writing style that works with a range of customer types
The ability to understand your target market
Good understanding of SEO and how to use it

Hire a Writer That Suits the Content

Some freelancers are a jack of all trades type, others have very specialised niches. You need to hire a writer that understands your industry but is also able to write the type of content that you need. After all, different skills are required for:
Blog posts
Website content
White papers
Case studies
Google My Business
Sales pages

Sort Your Budget Out

Everyone has different budgets, but if you want good quality you are going to have to be prepared to pay a little extra. After all, your freelancer has bills to pay too. The type of project you have, its length, and the amount of research required will all impact the price.

You will also need to determine how you want to pay your writer:
Per word
Per X number of words
Per hour

It should also be noted that you will be expected to pay at least half upfront to ensure security for the freelancer as well as you. Never offer unpaid test pieces, you should always pay them for the work even if it is just a 500-word test piece.

Skills and Portfolio Matter

You have to make sure you are hiring a writer with the right skills for the job. Some basic ones to look out for are:
Writing style and tone
Engaging content
Proofreading and editing

These are just the basic requirements. Of course, the odd typo is only human, but freelancers will have a toolkit to help avoid as many as possible.

You will also want to review their portfolio where possible to see examples of past work so that you can get a feel for their style and their experience. Some freelancers will have limited portfolios if they do a lot of NDA work, so take this into account if it seems quite small.

To Conclude
It’s not easy to choose a freelance copywriter, but with these simple tips for finding the perfect match for your business, you are sure to be on the path to success. Together, you can make an incredible team that will see your company grow and your traffic increase. Just remember, it’s hard to make it without someone who has experience and skill in the area.

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