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On-page SEO is a very important element of SEO so it’s very important to make sure that you have a well optimised web site.

So for the basic service here I provide an SEO audit of your web site which will show all of the basic errors that exist on the web site. There can be lots of these and it’s important that they are all corrected as you want the search engines to see your web site as a high quality resource. The audit consists of two files which are an overview which simply lists all aspects checked and the number of errors found for each, and then a detailed file that lists all of the specific errors found so this can be a large file.

But the on-page SEO can be taken to another level with the extras that are available here, they include advanced on-page SEO audits which are very effective at improving the rankings of your pages.

So the first extra is a more detailed audit, which does not so much list errors but actually tells you what to do to get the web pages ranking better. So this is much more about optimising the pages rather than fixing errors so provides much better data and is just what you need to get your on-page SEO to a very high level.

But there is then also another option which compares your on-page SEO to that of the top ranking pages for specific keywords (3) so it tells you what you need to do to make your page better than the top ranking pages based on the important on-page SEO ranking factors. So this is high level competitive data and is contained in a rather complex report, I am happy to explain its contents though so that you can easily understand what needs to be done.

So using this service will give you the details of what needs to be done to your on-page SEO, I can also help you do that work but obviously every job is different so we would have to discuss that once the reports were done.

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