Five Bullet Friday 08/11/19

Thought For The Week

What is your minimum wage? Chances are you’ve completed several projects that were well below what your idea of minimum wage. This could be because it took you longer to complete than expected or you were bullied into a lower rate by clients. Make sure you stick to your guns when it comes to your worth by having your minimum rate clearly visible in your work area. Next time someone demands a discount, look at your rate. If discounting means going lower than this, it is NOT worth your time. You deserve more.

Picture Of The Week

Freelancing Fact Of The Week

On an average day, 40% of freelancers have two workspaces, while 10% have three or more workspaces in an average day.

With this in mind, do you complete some tasks better in some locations over others? Perhaps you can answer emails in your local coffee shop but when you need to concentrate you need your own office? Don’t skimp on making your workplace as comfortable as possible so you can be as productive and profitable as possible.

Book Of The Week

Grand Union – Zadie Smith

Award-winning writer, Zadie Smith is known for her works such as On Beauty has created her first collection of short stories in Grand Union. The book features previously published work alongside 11 new pieces. While Smith claims her novels are ‘ragbags’, when they should be slim and controlled, having a collection of stories means this book is easy to pick up time and time again.

Charity Of The Week

Horse and Farm Animal Sanctuary. Faced with the threat of closure and not having enough funds to look after all of their animals after December, the Horse and Farm animal Sanctuary are urgently seeking funds. This is so they can continue to provide a loving home to animals that have been abused, neglected or saved from slaughter. You can donate money, sponsor an animal or buy the sanctuary much-needed items from their Amazon wish list to help this charity faced with the threat of closure.

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