Top 3 Tips For Managing Your Workload As A Freelancer

Whether you’ve recently taken the leap into the exciting world of freelancing, or have been a seasoned freelancer for many years, managing your ever-changing workload can be a real challenge. Freelancing is an exhilarating rollercoaster, and it’s true when they say no two days are ever the same.

However, while many people believe the life of a freelancer is one of plenty of free time and the flexibility to work when suits you, the reality is very different. The freelancing lifestyle is often one filled with the stress of working alone, the pressure to be always available, and long hours spent behind your desk while the nine-to-fivers of the world are enjoying their freedom.

For freelancing to really work for you, it is vital that you can find that perfect balance between working every hour under the sun and making a decent living, which is often easier said than done. To manage your freelance workload like a pro, follow these three top tips:

  1. Say No

One of the most common issues that freelancers have is that they simply can’t say no. Turning down work often seems counterproductive, especially if you are new to working for yourself. But taking on every single project that comes your way simply isn’t realistic or sustainable. Furthermore, you will find yourself worked into the ground very quickly.

Remember, it is okay to be picky with the projects you take on. What’s more, it is also okay to turn down work if you need to. Always be realistic with how much work you can manage, and then stick to it.

  1. Plan Your Schedule

Running a business all by yourself is time-consuming, and with no set business hours, it is easy to lose track of time. Set yourself working hours and also schedule in downtime to give yourself the chance to relax and recharge.

Just because you are a freelancer does not mean you need to be working every hour under the sun. Create a schedule that allows you to work when you’re most productive, and also gives you time off to see friends and family, exercise or do something fun.

  1. Work Hard

The key to a successful work-life balance as a freelancer is to not work for long, but work hard in that time. If you make sure you are truly focused and ready to get some hard graft done in your scheduled working hours, then you will easily be able to take that much needed time off.

You will inevitably get distracted occasionally but find ways to stay focused that work for you. Keep your TV off if you’re working from home and keep your phone and other distractions well away while you’re working. Set yourself realistic time limits for each of your projects and don’t try to multitask too many things at once.

No freelancer will ever be successful without some serious hard work and commitment; the challenge is not to let it take over your life.

So, with these three tips, you can improve your freelancing life for the better. Why not try it today by getting started as a freelancer on TechLancer.

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