Five Bullet Friday 31/01/20

Five Bullet Friday

January 103rd is upon us, when will this month ever end? If you’re feeling the strain of what feels like the longest month of the year, here are five moments of low-budget joy to get you through it.

Book Of The Week

Atomic Habits – James Clear

If your resolutions haven’t gone to plan, this book is perfect for you. Instead of making dramatic life changes that are so hard to stick to, Atomic Habits teaches you how to take the steps where you increase your performance by just 1% a day and how that can lead to a big difference. Change the way you think about goal-getting by checking out this life-changing best-selling book.

Quote Of The Week

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar

Income Boosting Tip Of The Week

By homing in on a niche, you can command a higher price as clients will be looking for an expert in their field. While you may turn-off some clients, having this niche will be far more impressive and more compelling to people in the same industry. Focus on building your skills and experience in a particular niche that you love, and you can command a higher price for your expertise.

Meme Of The Week

Gadget Of The Week

It’s all very well using an online tracker to measure your time and productivity, but do you always remember to pause and switch tasks every time you check your phone or answer a ‘quick’ email? With Timeular, you have a physical time tracking device on your desk that is easy to switch whenever you change tasks. What’s more, you can personalise your funky device to the functions that you really want to track, so come on, find out how much time your really spend scrolling mindlessly through Instagram…

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